Announcing: Purple Wine and Spirits take on Nova Scotia

The story goes that it was 3 decades ago that the founder of Purple started selling wine in California out of the trunk of his 67' Mustang. While we could say the rest is history, that would be a shame because we'd be leaving out the journey. A journey that saw Derek Benham, who had no training or marketing support, learn early on what his customers were really looking for. "Wines that deliver beyond expectation". And in the years since then it is this unwavering commitment to making unforgettable drinking experiences, the kind that are often unprompted and special, that we can now fast-forward to the Purple Brand today.

In Vino Veritas is thrilled to be announcing that many of the Purple Wine family are now available in Nova Scotia. These cleverly branded wines which offer something for everyone, are arriving in grandiose fashion too with a launch of 6 wines in one month! We hope you take some time to get to discover these impressive wines the next time you are creating an unforgettable experience.

Marlo Merlot- Black cherries and plums exude throughout this garnet wine that offers softness, balance and a smooth finish. This wine pairs very well with less heavy meats, like pork or chicken, pasta or vegetarian fare.

Avalon Caberet Sauvignon-A California Cab that opens with dark fruit and spices, hitting the palate with juicy black cherry and hint of raspberry on the smooth long finish. At a recent NSLC Festival of Wines we had at least a dozen clients say this was "amazingly drinkable". Try it on its own, with burgers or even with pizza.

Lucky Star Petite Sirah- Who doesn't love the concentration and colour you find in a glass of Petit Sirah. Lucky Star delivers inky purple wine with notes of dark plum, spice and blueberries. It matches well with smoky BBQ fare like brinket or sausages but I'm also a fan of pairing this tannic juice with a Rib Eye steak.

Lucky Star Cabernet Sauvignon- With grapes primarily sourced in Lodi, this cab profiles lots of dark fruit and baking spices, with a finish that flashes blueberry (due to a bit of clever Merlot blending). A bit softer than many cabernets from California this wine would really enhance a steak, a sausage pizza or even roasted chicken.

Cryptic Red Blend- Is it a California blend or modern day alchemy? This wine pulls flavour profiles from multiple distinct in the region including Zinfandel from Lodi/Amador County, Petite Sirah from Dry Creek Valley and Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles. The result? Luscious, juicy blackberry jam, blackcurrant, chewy tannins and a long finish. This one is a match for most grilled meats, red sauce pasta dishes and woodfired pizzas.

Pico and Vine Meritage- My personal favourite from this assortment, the Pico and Vine Meritage is a blend of varietals best known in the Bordeaux region of France. California winemakers have earned a reputation for setting aside tradition in favour of innovation, especially when the outcome is something special. This wine, which sources all of its grapes from Napa, combines Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot and Malbec to deliver a complex offering that is better than the sum of its parts. There's a lot going on here with black cherry, plum, vanilla, cedar and supple tannins. Try this wine with aged cheeses, a big steak or any other hearty dish where swirling levels of flavour demand an equally complex wine.

All of these wines are available at NSLC's flagship store, The Port, and most will be released through Halifax shortly in stores that have a Port of Wines section. Also, the Marlo Merlot and the Lucky Star Petit Sirah are currently available in limited quantity across most of the entire NSLC store network.

Side note: Also, watch for Secret Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon and Four Vines Zinfandel in stores between now and Christmas. Also from the Purple Family of wines, Secret Cellars is brand new to the market while the Four Vines Zin hit the shelves this summer (and quickly sold through in under a month).

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