Easter is coming! Food and Wine to enhance your holiday weekend.

The bunny knows what I like, Schug Heritage Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Easter means many things to many people. It is a foundation of the Christian faith, celebrating the rebirth of Jesus. In our family, it has always been a time to "gather the clan" , to engage the Easter Bunny and to reconnect over food and drink.

Depending on where you're from or your cultural background Easter can represent a wide range of foods and drinks but, to keep it simple, we wanted to focus our blog today on the foods that you will most likely encounter on this holiday weekend- and the wines that will make them even better!

Baked Ham is, without a doubt, a mainstay on Easter Weekend. Whether it is served with that brown sugar coating or pineapple dressing the key here is to find a sweet wine to match up against the dominant aspect of this dish, salt. Here the old adage of "salt loves sweet" makes most sense so, whether pouring white or red wine, you are looking for something that presents some sweetness. My preference is Zinfandel or a fruity California Pinot Noir or a sweeter white wine like an off-dry Reisling or Gewurztraminer (white). The melange here of sweeter wine really helps rein in the bite of the salt, seemingly quenching your thirst- why is it that, regardless of beverage choice, we always find ourselves up on Easter night drinking water?

Three Wine- Old Vines Zinfandel

Another popular choice for Easter Dinner is Lamb, which should mean Cabernet Sauvignon. Here an old world blend (like a left bank Bordeaux or Super Tuscan) can give you that earthy/savoury mix that enhances a gamy, rustic lamb dish. But our friends in Spain will tell you that Tempranillo makes a great match with Lamb too. Felices Pascuas!

Fuentespina 7- Avelino Vegas

Finally, some stick to simple roast chicken or turkey. If this is your preferred path, you can never go wrong with Chardonnay. Here a California version can often profile just enough citrus, pear, butter, vanilla and baking spices to carry through from entree all the way through to the apple pie!

PS> Whether you are enjoying a chocolate treat, or just stealing your kids eggs or bunny, a great way to finish off a comatose-inducing holiday meal is with a nice Port. Cheers!

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