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​In Vino Veritas is a wine and spirits agency operating in the Maritime provinces of Canada.   We are a boutique style agency specializing in small and medium size wine companies that wish to explore sales channels available in Atlantic Canada. 
In partnership with our suppliers, we match products to tenders and buyers, help simplify and navigate complex processes and plan and execute marketing strategies to maximize sales. ​

Elizabeth and Scott Estabrooks established In Vino Veritas in 2014. As the company grew they partnered with Karen Nause in 2018. She has since become the sole owner of In Vino Veritas.

Karen is a wine enthusiast with extensive knowledge in the vast world of wine, most recently completing her Level 4 WSET Diploma (DipWSET). When not immersed in everything wine, she can be found golfing or biking and spending time with family and friends.

In Vino Veritas: From Latin: in (“in”) + vīnō, singular of vīnum (“wine”) + vēritās (“truth”).

Thus, “in wine there is truth”.  

First attested in the Naturalis Historia (XIV, 141) by Pliny the Elder.

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